Høgsfjordpendleren/Høgsfjord Commuters.

(Established February 15th, 2011)

If Ryfast becomes reality one of the consequences will be that the ferry crossing Lauvvik-Oanes will be discontinued. This is to force Høgsfjord travellers to support the Ryfast tunnel with exhorbitant tolls.

Stortingsproposisjon nr. 1 (2002-2003) reads:

For projects meant to replace ferries, which oftenessays have high tolls, it has been a prerequisite that the toll shall not exceed the current ferry fares plus 40%.

A trip to Stavanger through the Ryfast Tunnel will cost kr. 273, compared to the cost today of kr. 61 on the ferry (prices exclusive discounts).  Ryfast results therefore in a shocking price increase of 348 %, a cost too high to accept.  That is why we have established our organization  Høgsfjordpendleren (Høgsfjord Commuters) and will fight against the closing of the Lauvvik-Oanes crossing. The negative consequences of this closure would be too great for our communities to bear.

Høgsfjordpendlerens mission statement says:

Høgsfjordpendlerens purpose is to be an active interest group working for commuters’ interests and needs as regards the Høgsfjord crossing. We will work to keep the present crossing over Høgsfjorden, or support the possibility of a new crossing, so that the practical and economic circumstances for our communities will not be degraded.

Strandveien 63
4110 Forsand
Organisation no: 996568377
Bank: 3205 2309483
Homepage: http://www.hogsfjordpendleren.no
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